Do you want a Ripped & Powerful Body?

A Great Aerobic Workout
Kickboxing is a great aerobic workout that uses combination techniques for improving flexibility and muscle tone… and is part of our regular Kung fu program. Each kickboxing class works on the stepping techniques, combinations with the hands and feet, and the principles of Kickboxing. This is all combined striking of various bags such as body shields, heavy bags, forearm bags and focus mitts. The workout is not only energetic, but fun in a safe environment.

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Develop Leg Strength, Power & Flexibility
You’ll learn the 4 proper stepping techniques to develop the leg muscles and quick footwork. This is also important for understanding how to move into and out of Critical Distance (one of the 24 kickboxing principles that you will learn).

The striking of various bags both with and without partners teaches you the proper way to strike to maximize your power and the effectiveness of each technique. If you are too close, you will just push the bag… too far and you’ll just strike the surface of the bag. The reason that this is important is because you’ll develop confidence in your techniques, if and when you might need to use them for self-defense.

Fighting Strategies too…
The next part of the Kickboxing regimen is the understanding and utilization of the Kickboxing Principles. In Kung Fu, we utilize 24 of these principles. After all, it makes sense to understand why and how to apply these Kickboxing techniques for self-defense or for sport competition. Some of these principles are Critical Distance (as mentioned above), Forward Pressure, Long Range versus Short range, and Initial Speed and Bridging the Gap.

Professional Instructors Keep you Motivated
Our professional instructors are trained in all 24 principles and know the 150 combinations that we use in the Kickboxing Classes. You do not have to worry about being out-of-shape, flexibility or uncoordinated because we offer beginner introductory classes that gradually improve your muscle tone and flexibility as you learn the basics of Kickboxing. Our fantastic teaching methods and energetic instructors will help you, in every class, to achieve extraordinary results in every class.

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