5 Factors to Relieve Stress with Tai Chi Fit

There are 5 Factors to Relieve Stress with Tai Chi Fit. Tai Chi Fit is designed for older individuals or anyone that needs to relieve stress and promote relaxation as they improve flexibility and muscle tone. Tai Chi is a slow-motion low-impact easy to learn dance-like postures. The 5 action steps are:

  1. Tai Chi Flexibility (for total joint and muscle flexibility)
  2. Tai Chi Rooting (improves balance and lower body strength)
  3. Tai Chi Hand Expression (upper body, shoulder, arms, wrists and hands flexibility)
  4. Tai Chi Massage (uses the acupressure points to release trapped energy)
  5. Tai Chi Postures (a relaxing dance-like movement for energizing your mind and body

Tai Chi is a complete program for relieving stress and promoting relaxation because of these 5 factors. This ancient Chinese art is designed for adults who need a soft gentle exercise program… and is therefore great for seniors.

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DRAMATIC CHANGE IN MY HEALTH I would like to express my appreciation and thanks for the benefits I have already noticed due to my participation in the Tai Chi class. I have experienced an improvement in my flexibility. I am now able to do things which were not possible in the last three years due to pain from arthritis. here has been a dramatic change from my health standpoint. I have cut pain medication in half,have lost between 15 to 20 pounds (and am dropping) and my blood pressure is perfect. Also, I enjoy my time during the lessons and look forward to coming and maintaining a long relationship with the Academy. I feel that I have a “new lease on life”,and am most grateful for this. Sincerely, Robert Evers

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Scientific Evidence

Scientific evidence suggests that there are three basic therapeutic principles behind the effectiveness of Tai Chi. These are the restoration of vitality, the storage of physical energy, and the massaging action of the visceral organs. Tai Chi practice provides physical therapy which Western science has just now begun to explore and appreciate. You will achieve better health through a balanced development of the limbs. Your breathing will become smooth and your muscles relaxed. You will increase the flexibility of your joints, and develop a better outlook on life because you will feel healthier and maintain a high spirit.

The Ultimate Exercise for Health… Here’s Why.

Tai Chi Stretching – Unique Tai Chi exercises that loosen the joints and muscles. What makes these exercises unique is that they use a gentle motion to stretch the entire body at once. This is natural way the body stretches. I’m sure that after sitting down for a long time period of time, you’ve stood up and stretch by raising your arms and gently tightening your body. It feels great! That is Tai Chi natural stretching.
Tai Chi Rooting – Rooting serves two purposes. 1) It develops the leg strength and improves muscle tone. At the same time is strengthens the lower back and improves balance. 2) Tai Chi moves smoothly like water in a country stream. To move your body gracefully and smoothly requires the knowledge of shifting the weight from one leg to the other. Walking requires the same action. In fact, just after a few weeks, you’ll find walking easier and you’ll feel lighter on your feet.
Tai Chi Breathing – One of the first places that many people start to get arthritis is their hands. The joints become inflamed from poor circulation and not stretching their fingers, wrists, elbows and shoulders. Tai Chi Hand Expression improves this circulation with special circular hand and arm motions thus improving blood flow and joint flexibility. In fact many people that have arthritis have found a 90 percent improvement.

Tai Chi Massage – You’ve heard of acupressure, acupuncture and therapeutic massage. Tai Chi Massage uses all three of these at once with specific methods that utilize a variety of acupressure and acupuncture points. Have you ever had a headache? Most people have and one of the first things that everyone does is massage their temples. This is a prominent acupuncture point used for relieving headaches and relaxing the mind. The Tai Chi massage will show you the proper way to massage these points for the maximum benefit.
Tai Chi Postures – Are dance-like movements that combine the previous 4 steps into one smooth-fluid action. These postures are done slowly without tension and accompanied by deep rhythmic breathing. Each Tai Chi posture in of itself is a gentle physical exercise and stretching. Each posture flows into the next without pause, ensuring that your body is in constant motion. Like water flowing in a country brook. Tai Chi postures are rooted in the feet, directed by the waist and expressed with the hands. You learn to coordinate the hands and feet, which reduces the tension of everyday activities such as walking. Alleviating stress has a profound effect on your health and attitude.
The Finest and Professional Tai Chi Coaches. Master Rothrock has over 40 years of experience teaching Tai Chi. He has mastered the 24 Yang Style, the 108 Yang Style, the 108 Wu Style along with various Tai Chi weapons. Tai Chi is also a comprehensive self-defense system that uses sensing hands to teach a practitioner the principles of Tai Chi for self-defense. So whether you just want to use Tai Chi for a health and vitality exercise or incorporate the advanced self-defense aspects, you know you’re getting the very best Tai Chi instruction.